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) When we are not in the spirit, that is in submission to Christ, we are in the flesh or in submission to sin.If dating is worldly and not of God, it can not be governed by the spirit.How you deal with it will make a major difference in the quality of your life and your service for the Lord as long as you live.The Biblical convictions, or lack of them, which you develop now to deal with the opposite sex will have farreaching consequences.Everyone has some standards no matter how low they are.If you are going to have some standards, they might as well be God's standards for yourself according to the Word of God.

The truth is that some of the world's standards are down right immoral. By age 17, almost 60% of boys and girls have had intimate relations. By age 18, 40% of the teen-age girls, who attend conservative, evangelical churches admit to having lost their virginity (Our personal experience has been that it is no longer uncommon for girls, who graduated from a Christian School, to conceive out of wedlock). By age 20, 4 out of 5 unmarried males, and 3 out of 5 unmarried females admit to having premarital sex. By adulthood, 1 out of 4 will seek treatment for a sexually transmitted disease. In 1986 the Cincinnati public school board reported that I out of ll girls in the public school was pregnant and that in the next three school years, 1 out of 4 would be.

A standard does not mean a legalistic system or a social straight jacket.

A standard is a set of moral and social guidelines that you go by.

When healthy young people of the opposite sex are put together unsupervised in a romantic situation, sooner or later, there will be serious problems.

God asked this question on the subject: '(Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned?

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Every place this paper is Biblical, it is doctrinal and authoritative. Paul said: "For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing:..." (Rom, ) Even after we are saved, the flesh is still the seat of sin and lust in our lives.

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